Increase your sales with finance

Increase your sales with finance

Whether you're a vendor, manufacturer or distributor, KRW can help you drive sales by offering your customers fast and flexible asset finance.

Easy Payment Plans

Offering a monthly payment plan can help overcome budgetary constraints and allow you to focus on the benefits of your solution rather than the cost. A tailored finance solution from KRW can include everything from delivery and installation to training and support.

Convert More Customers More Quickly

Offering a finance solution can make the customer decision to buy easier, meaning you close more deals. Flexible and affordable alternatives to paying upfront means you can avoid having to discount - increasing your margins.

Increase Deal Sizes

Affordable finance options allow you to offer higher spec solutions with minimal increase in monthly cost to your customers.

Close Deals Faster

A quick finance decisions mean you can close more deals, faster. You get paid quicker enabling you to better manage your supplier relationships and improve your overall cash flow.

Customer Satisfaction

Most customers expect to see a monthly payment option to be provided as part of a professional proposal. Offering finance encourages greater interaction between you and your customers, improving retention and encouraging repeat business. 

If you'd like to discuss how offering a finance solution on your proposals can help your business, click here and a KRW Finance representative will get in touch within a few hours.