Private Sale Vehicle Finance

Private Sale Vehicle Finance

Are you looking to buy a used car, ute, truck, or van - but the seller is not a licensed dealer?

Commercial finance companies offer loans on privately purchased vehicles (to approved ABN holders) but there is extra paperwork, searches, and a number of challenges that a customer/business may face, all of which take up your valuable time.

Some things to consider

  • Is the vehicle still under finance?
  • Is the seller a business (ABN/GST registered) or an individual?
  • If the seller is a business - have you checked the PPSR register for security interests?
  • Does the name on the vehicle registration certificate match the driver's license of the seller?
  • Have you verified the details of the sellers bank account?

Don't be complacent when buying a vehicle from a private seller.  It can often be a big investment and you need to ensure that you get it right!

DOWNLOAD this document for more information what a seller needs to provide and why

KRW are experts at navigating the lender requirements for any business wanting to finance a vehicle.  Our management of the finance process will save you time and money when purchasing your next vehicle - either from a private seller or via a licensed dealer. 

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