Coronavirus Craziness

Coronavirus Craziness

While scientists search for a vaccine and governments install measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coroniavirus many small businesses are trying to get on with business as usual. 

A number of larger organisations have already initiated a work from home policy but this is not feasible for many SME businesses. It's difficult to service a car from a home office. Plumbers can't unblock your toilet via video conferencing. And your local coffee shop can't hand deliver your morning latte.

If your business can use a WFH policy make sure that you have spoken to your IT and/or telco consultant about remote access to office calls, emails, file servers, and consider technologies like video conferencing to help people stay in touch.

At KRW Finance it is business as usual. We utilise email and phone as much as possible but are still available for face to face meetings (as long as you use the "elbow bump handshake") if necessary.

Fear and panic is the enemy. Stay calm. Be smart. Act sensibly

Ignore the hysteria laden news reports that invade our lives via the TV, radio, and social media. They are not helpful.

Above all - support your local small businesses.
We are going to need them when this is all over!